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Glitz Simon Bollard Solar Garden Light With PIR Motion Sensor

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$317.00 - $317.00
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Watts: 20 Watts

+ IP Rating: IP65

+Lumen: 2000Lm

+Color: Black
+LiFePO4 Battery: 26650/6000mAh/6.4V
+Housing material: Aluminum ADC12
+Special Feature: PIR Sensors for 160 Degrees Detection Sensors
+Solar Panel Material: Mono Crystalline Silicon Panels

+Safe and Environmental Friendly: Double Sided Light, LiFePO4 Battery Has Stable Quality. Enough Sunlight Provided During the Day Will Maintain Long-Lasting Battery Life All Night Long. Zero Electricity Cost, Waterproof, Super Bright and Cordless to Install.
+2 working Modes